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Residential Fire

This home in Simpsonville, SC suffered some damages to their kitchen due to a cooking accident that sparked a fire. The more severe damages were located in the kitchen while some minor issues made its way to the living area and the rooms upstairs. The production crew here at SERVPRO of Spartanburg County came in and restored their house in no time!

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SERVPRO of Spartanburg County was recently awarded with the Best of the Best Spartanburg title under carpet cleaning services. We take care of your stained carpet in both residential and commercial properties!

Commercial Fire in Spartanburg, SC

This company suffered an electrical fire that caused damage to the upstairs office area. Our crew came in and cleared all the debris, cleaned the floors, and walls so that the whole area could be restored and the business could go back to running normal operations.

Do You Want Your Business Underwater?

This furniture retail store here in Spartanburg, SC suffered a major water loss.  As you can see in the photograph above, there is standing water everywhere! You can even see puddles. No worries though, SERVPRO specializes in water extraction and drying.

Post Construction Cleanup

This is the aftermath of a storm. This nice home in Spartanburg County suffered some damages due to a tree falling over onto the house. A room in this house was completely filled with debris from the ceiling and insulation falling. The hardwood was disgusting. The SERVPRO team cleaned the whole room from the bottom to top and sealed up the massive hole in the ceiling where the tree hit.

Suffered Loss From a Fire? Call SERVPRO

This nice, cozy, two story home in Spartanburg, SC was struck by a fire that left the inside of the home full of soot and debris. Our team is trained to restore your home after a fire. The owner could not believe how completely we were able to get rid of all the soot on the walls. If you're hit by a fire, let SERVPRO be the one that comes and cleans everything up for you.


This home in Spartanburg, SC was an old home that needed to be cleaned out for a future tenant. Inside the home there was mold all over the walls and even behind the walls on the 2X4's. Mold is no match for SERVPRO. The SERVPRO production crew came in and took care of the mold problem in this home.


This company suffered from some water damages due to some rain fall. Our SERVPRO team came in a removed the baseboards around the affected rooms and began the drying process. Our specialized equipment makes sure the drying gets done right and in a timely manner. This allowed the business to continue with normal operations in no time.

Flooded Basement in Spartanburg, SC

This was just one of the few areas in this home in Spartanburg County that was affected by the leak that caused multiple rooms in this home to flood. Our SERVPRO team is trained to tackle jobs like these. The homeowners were astonished to see the outcome after getting everything cleaned up for them.

Florida Storm Damage

This home in Florida was hit hard by the storm. Water made its way into the home flooding the majority of the house and basement. In the picture you can see the walls cut out because of how high the water was and the affected area.

Florida Storm Damage

This beautiful home in Florida was affected by the storm back in 2017. The roof was weakened by the storm and the water seeped through the roof into the home and affected many areas. After the storm, mold began to spread all around the house.

House Fire Aftermath

As you can see in the picture, the side of the house is where the fire occurred. The fire caused a lot of soot build up in the home and smoke was still leftover. Nothing SERVPRO couldn't fix!

Crawlspace Fire

This picture shows the aftermath of a fire that occurred in a crawlspace in a home in the Chesnee area. You can see how much damage the fire caused. Soot is all over the walls and the insulation is completely destroyed.  

Break Room Water Leak

This company suffered a water leak in their break room. The picture shows the water damage caused by the leak. The ceiling tile had to be removed and the walls have been affected by the water also.

Financial Business Water Leak

This business here suffered a water leak that soaked their carpet in one of the offices. The SERVPRO team came in with the proper drying equipment to take care of the job.

Hallway Water Incident

Here in the picture you can see that there is standing water in this hallway. Our team had to remove the floors to get to the baseboards to dry them before they caused further damage to the floors.

Water Damage in Local Home

This is just one shot of the damage after a pipe bursting in a local home here in Spartanburg, SC. The walls and floors of this home was drenched. Our SERVPRO team came in and cleaned it all up for them.

Mold Growth On Walls

This is the result of having high moisture and humidity levels in your home. Nothing SERVPRO can't fix! This was only one out of many affected areas in this home.

Mold in Crawlspace

Damage to a water heater in a local home here in Spartanburg caused water to leak and eventually all that moisture build up caused mold to grow all throughout the crawlspace.

Water Damage in Florida

This home in Florida was affected by the storm back in 2017. As you can see in the picture, the storm brought in a lot of water that caused damage to the floors and the walls. The SERVPRO crew came in and removed the walls and the flooring to repair the damages from the storm.

Hallway Water Damage in Spartanburg, SC

This damage is the result of plumbing malfunction. This is one of the hallways that were affected with highly noticeable water puddled in the carpet. Shown in the picture is one of our vacuums that we used to remove excess water so that we could set up fans to dry the carpet and sub-flooring quicker. 

Water Damage in New Jersey

This is the result of flooding from a coastal home in New Jersey after a storm. Although the water is not seen in this photo, notice how the floor boards are badly buckled. The wood bending is due to the amount of time the water soaked into the floorboards; however, we were able to pull it up and dry the base so that we could save the original flooring.

Residential Water Damage in Spartanburg, SC

This is the result of a bathroom flood that reached out into hallways and other rooms on the floor. We stripped the original floor in order to dry the baseboards so that the new floor would be installed dry and have no risk of becoming wet.

Storm Damage in Hilton Head, SC

This is another storm damage that resulted from flooding in Hilton Head, SC. The whole bottom floor was covered in about three feet of water, as shown by the cut -out area on the wall. Our storm team was able to remove the water and dry the affected areas before the water caused significant damage to the residency.

Storm Damage in Hilton Head, SC

This is the result of a creek flooding the first floor of a home after torrential rainfall. The cut-out area in the wall is where the waterline rose to. We were able to remove the affected areas of the wall and carpet, as well as restore all contents salvageable. The resident was very thankful at how thorough our storm team worked in order to restore his living area.

Bedroom Mold in Spartanburg, SC

This is the aftermath of water damage that was not resolved. The mold set in the furniture and was growing on multiple surfaces in the house. However, we were able to eliminate the mold before it became hazardous to anyone's health.

Warehouse Flooding in Lyman, SC

This was the result of a large amount of water discharge at a warehouse in Lyman, SC. A large portion of the warehouse floor was covered in water, but we were able to dry it up with the help of our fans and dehumidifiers, as well as squeegeeing any excess to speed up the drying process.

Crawlspace Mold in Spartanburg, SC

We found this mold in the crawlspace of a Spartanburg residence due to high moisture and humidity. It is extremely important to be aware of moisture and temperature when it comes to your home, because mold like this can grow and spread without warning. SERVPRO is always here to help in these types of situations.

Residential Kitchen Fire in Spartanburg, SC

This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire that occurred while cooking. The flames went fairly high, causing the microwave to melt as shown in the picture. We were able to get rid of all the soot and removed the harsh smell of burnt plastic and other potentially harmful odors and emissions with the help of our deodorizing equipment and air scrubbers. 

Residential Mold in Spartanburg, SC

This was mold that grew and spread due to unresolved water damage over time. The mold had spread throughout the kitchen and the bathroom, where it first started growing. Our crew was able to handle the remediation process with the use of our trusted and powerful solutions.

Commercial Water Damage in Spartanburg, SC

This was the result of a pipe bursting in the ceiling, causing the ceiling tiles to burst and flood the showroom of this property. We were on the scene and able to clean up and restore their contents quickly and efficiently.

Church Flood in Spartanburg, SC

This flood occurred from a plumbing malfunction at a local church. The water was soaked into the carpet, and even had visible water standing on top of the floor. We were able to arrive on the scene that day and used several of our top-of-the-line industrial fans to dry the water up "like it never even happened."

House Fire in Boiling Springs, SC

This was the result of a candle fire that occurred in a Boiling Springs residency. The fire caused significant smoke damage, leaving the walls, ceilings, and contents covered in soot throughout the home. Our crew was able to save most of their contents and worked very hard to get all of the thick soot out of the ceilings and walls. The residents were very appreciative of our efforts to save their beloved contents.

Commercial Flood in Spartanburg, SC

This was the aftermath of a pipe bursting in a hallway. The owners of the property were relieved that we were able to save their beautiful carpet from being ruined from water damage, especially before it turned into a mold problem.

Mold Outbreak Remediation in Spartanburg, SC

This is the result of a bad mold outbreak. The mold was spread all throughout the ceilings, walls, doors, and several other surfaces. Our highly skilled crew was able to eliminate every last mold spore, and the occupants were very grateful for our attention to detail and diligence in getting the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

Restaurant Bathroom Fire

This is the result of a small fire that occurred at a restaurant located in Spartanburg, SC. We arrived on the scene that day, and the employees at the restaurant were very pleased wit our timeliness and our ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Assisted Living Home Flood in Spartanburg, SC

This was the aftermath of a plumbing flood. There were significant amounts of water standing all throughout the property, capturing many residents' contents beneath the water. Both management and residents were very pleased to see that we saved as many of their contents that were possibly salvageable.

Residential Flood in Spartanburg, SC

This was the aftermath of flooding due to plumbing issues. The flood began on the 4th floor and reached all floors below it, all the way down to the basement area. There were several rooms and hallways that had water puddles all throughout the residency, as well as moisture in the ceilings and walls. We used a large amount of drying and dehumidifying equipment. It took several hours of hauling and setting up equipment, as well as vacuuming and squeegeeing loose water. Our crew worked tirelessly and efficiently, making it as though "it never even happened".  

Kitchen Fire in Spartanburg, SC

This was the result of a fire that started in the kitchen of a residence in Spartanburg, SC. There was very significant soot and smoke damage all throughout the kitchen, as well as other areas of the home. The owner was amazed at how well our crew was able to restore her home.

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SERVPRO of Spartanburg was recently recognized as being voted one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Spartanburg County! Thank you to all of those who voted for us, you are the best!

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