Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Do You Want Your Business Underwater?

This furniture retail store here in Spartanburg, SC suffered a major water loss.  As you can see in the photograph above, there is standing water everywhere! You can even see puddles. No worries though, SERVPRO specializes in water extraction and drying.

Post Construction Cleanup

This is the aftermath of a storm. This nice home in Spartanburg County suffered some damages due to a tree falling over onto the house. A room in this house was completely filled with debris from the ceiling and insulation falling. The hardwood was disgusting. The SERVPRO team cleaned the whole room from the bottom to top and sealed up the massive hole in the ceiling where the tree hit.

Suffered Loss From a Fire? Call SERVPRO

This nice, cozy, two story home in Spartanburg, SC was struck by a fire that left the inside of the home full of soot and debris. Our team is trained to restore your home after a fire. The owner could not believe how completely we were able to get rid of all the soot on the walls. If you're hit by a fire, let SERVPRO be the one that comes and cleans everything up for you.


This home in Spartanburg, SC was an old home that needed to be cleaned out for a future tenant. Inside the home there was mold all over the walls and even behind the walls on the 2X4's. Mold is no match for SERVPRO. The SERVPRO production crew came in and took care of the mold problem in this home.


This company suffered from some water damages due to some rain fall. Our SERVPRO team came in a removed the baseboards around the affected rooms and began the drying process. Our specialized equipment makes sure the drying gets done right and in a timely manner. This allowed the business to continue with normal operations in no time.

Flooded Basement in Spartanburg, SC

This was just one of the few areas in this home in Spartanburg County that was affected by the leak that caused multiple rooms in this home to flood. Our SERVPRO team is trained to tackle jobs like these. The homeowners were astonished to see the outcome after getting everything cleaned up for them.